KMTech Nozzle Flow Analysis

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Fluid Analysis involves creating a 3D model of fluid or gas flow and using analytical results to identify areas for new development or improvement, which can help shorten the development and production timeline.

1. Nozzle Concept Development

2. 2D CAD Design

3. 3D Design

4. Prototype Production through 3D Printing

5. (Prototypes produced through 3D printing are functional and can be tested with real nozzles)

6. Actual Prototype Production

7. Prototype Testing

Repeating these steps leads to the creation of an optimal nozzle.

Today, we can start from the results and, after 3D modeling, modify conditions to observe changes in pressure and flow rate. In the analysis, temperature and humidity conditions are set to general values.

Furthermore, calculations can verify to what extent simulations are reliable by confirming flow rates. When calculating flow rates, temperature and humidity conditions are set to general values, similar to the simulation.


Actual Flow Rate Calculation Values

The nozzle has an 8mm diameter and operates at a pressure of 5 bar with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.