Advantages of Dry ice cleaning

  • Eco-friendly

    Dry ice products are composed of solid carbon dioxide, which is pollution-free and harmless to human body.

  • No damage

    Unlike sandblasting, shot blasting, and electric tools, there is no damage to the base material.

  • High performance

    Dry ice has higher cleaning efficiency than other cleaning devices and has excellent cleaning performance even for objects that are difficult to clean with other devices.

  • Simplicity

    Unlike sand / shot / water blasting, it is easy to use without burdening work site management after work.

  • Economical

    Comprehensive calculation of work environment preliminary preparations, consumables, and post-cleaning shows reduced maintenance and management costs.

  • Various cleaning functions

    By adjusting the dry ice injection pressure and the amount of injection, it can be used for various cleaning materials and the amount of dry ice can be minimized according to the degree of contamination of the base material.