We will establish ourselves as a global innovative company
that creates a new cleaning culture using dry ice.

  • Technology-leading company

    Development of Domestic Technology for Dry Ice Washing Machine

    Only patent and technology development at home and abroad

    Development of products tailored to the customer's site

    Industrial, living, public, defense, etc.
    Development of cleaning system for all fields

    Korea's only company to be designated as a leading aerospace company
    Designated Dry Ice Air Cleaning Company

    Development of Cleaning System for Small Varieties of Multiple Types

  • Global Innovation

    Indonesia to open overseas markets by establishing Vietnamese sales offices

    Securing Global Development System in Partnership with Silicon Valley CAL in the U.S.

    Establishment of a Global Innovation System for the Solving of Ero by Overseas Companies

    Establishing a system by planning to establish various sales offices of foreign companies outside of Asia

  • System Services

    Management of domestic and international rental services

    Management of outsourced cleaning services at home and abroad

    Managing domestic and foreign equipment services by developing mobile apps

    Management of cleaning services due to reduced maintenance and maintenance costs

    Cleaning services that work without damage to the parent material, unlike short blasting and electrical tools


Company that values people

Employees and managers become a family and pursue happiness together.


Enterprises seeking satisfaction with their customers

We pursue growth together by satisfying our customers with the best technology,
quality and service through continuous innovation.


Companies Contributing to the Establishment of Environmental Ecosystem

We pursue the development of environmentally friendly technologies so that people,
animals and plants can continue to live.