Need for Dry ice cleaning

  • Need for industrial cleaning / decontamination

    Dirt, dust, sludge radioactive materials and pollution are generated when handling various industrial manufacturing processes and industrial facilities.

    Economic losses due to waste of manpower, delay in construction delivery, and harmful substances are generated.

    Necessity of spraying method using tools
    Spraying : It removes scale, rust, coating film from the base material by spraying the water with sand, steel, shot, grit, silica and other abrasives with compressed air.

  • Major Injection Method Status and Issues

    Sand blasting method : Strongly spraying fine sand particles with compressed air, etc.
    A large number of workers suffer from silicon pneumonia in Turkey's sand spraying workshop (Hankyoreh21-2010.07.02)

    Conventional blasting methods, such as sand blasting, cause secondary pollutants (environmental destruction and harmful / carcinogenic substances, etc.) and damage to the base material, resulting in economic losses.

    It is an indispensable requirement for eco-friendly dry ice blast cleaning to improve working environment, minimize environmental damage and economic losses.