Advertisement of dry ice washer on nextunicorn

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Since its establishment in 2018, the private company KMTech has supplied dry ice washers to major corporations such as Hyosung, Lotte, and POSCO. They have also exported to local companies in Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries. In 2021, they received investment from the Open Innovation Investment Association, and in 2022, they completed a comprehensive transfer of ownership, becoming KMTech Co., Ltd. Currently, they continue their business activities under KMTech Co., Ltd. 

The main product of the company is the dry ice washer. Previously, equipment, parts, and molds were cleaned using sanding and chemical detergents. However, due to issues such as worker safety, environmental pollution, and rising costs, the company’s dry ice washer has gained attention. It is a cleaning method that eliminates secondary environmental pollution and is safe for workers. It can be applied in various fields. Both domestically and in Southeast Asian countries, there is an increasing demand for the company’s products due to regulations on traditional cleaning methods caused by environmental regulations. As a result, the company has entered into sales agency contracts with local companies in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries and is currently conducting business in these regions.